To clearify a common misunderstanding

I want to make a quick post about the history of this software program.
For a long time ago when I was searching on the net trying to find out where to buy Painter, I ran into a little problem. A common misunderstanding that many have. And that is: What is the difference between the program called Procreate Painter and Corel Painter? The answer is : NONE. Procreate IS Painter, the thing is that Painter was temporarily rebranded Procreate Painter during its transition into the Corel Suite of applications. But that time is over now, and the program is just know for Corel Painter, or just Painter among the advanced users. In addition it can be mentioned here, that in 2005 Corel released "scaled-down version of Painter developed for home users" called Painter Essentials 3.

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