Hello World and Welcome to this blog dedicated to one of the best digital software programs out on the market: corel Painter

This blog will give you all the information you need to know about Corel Painter.
Either you are completely new to the program or not, this site should certainly be useful. In addition to useful tips, painter news. I will also give you links, pictures, downloadable content, and lots lots more in the future, so stay tuned !! ;)

The idea of creating this site, started ofcourse with a great interest for the program. Corel Painter and the newest version Corel Painter IX.5, is in my mind greatly underestimated. Its big brother Photoshop made by adobe, has for a long time dominated the market. And it is sadly still much much more popular than Painter.Therefore you should certainly pay attention, and see for your self 
how great 
this digital software really is.

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