Corel Painter .... So whats all the fuzz about?

If you are completely new, and dont know a thing about Corel Painter. This post is for you.
Ok, so you know that almost every 2D digital artist you know uses Adobe Photoshop, but whats the deal with Painter, you may ask. And why am I so hung up on this program!? Here comes the answer =)

Some people prefer Painter because it handles very similar to real life art tools. Its so realistic that it gives a nice feel, that every artist new or skilled will enjoy. Photoshop has to me always been a more Photography/graphic design-centric software, and although they've added more advanced characteristics for the drawing/painting people, it is very digital and does not function like real life art tools. It's safe to say a personal preference thing. I prefer Painter for drawing & painting because the way the brushes react is far more dynamic than Photoshop's brushes.Painter has like I said a great resemblence to natural media tools: Pastels looks like a real pastel, watercolor looks like watercolor etc.

However, if it is graphic design and photography that you are after, I would recommend Photoshop because in that department Photoshop beats Painter by a long shot. Editing Photo`s while making lots of selections, cropping them and so on.. is a bit easier with Photoshop. But hey! Isnt it much cooler and more satisfiyng to create a masterpiece with some awesome brushes, that you wont find in other programs (as far as I know). That covers this Corel Painter training for today. It is real late, and Im going to bed now ;)

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