Corel Painter 11 Features

Increase your creativity with Painter 11 - the innovative digital ritprogrammet. If you add Painter of your workflow, you get a complete art studio with the tools you need to create oemotsvarad art.
Freedom to experiment

Digital art tool allows you to experiment with color theory and strokes, but that stuck with toxins, mess and costs that come with traditional painting.
Use your digital tablet

Support for the entire Wacom product line, including the industry-leading interactive Cintiq-ritskärmarna, gives you amazing lifelike digital painting experience so that your hand and the brush is working hard together as one.
Create your own style

Customizable paper structures gives your art additional undertones, plus the structures and features at a level that can not be matched by any other digital photo painting, drawing tools, or tools.

* Improved Artistic Media function reproduces the structure of their real counterparts and intensifies the color of each brush stroke
* Pen and tablet (recommended) in combination with Painters RealBristle brushes recreating the natural interaction between the hand and the canvas
* New Hard Media controls allow you to create your own versions of the harsh media
* Improved color detection for files that are imported from Adobe Photoshop and individual color profiles per document makes the colors more accurate
* Photo Painting Tool with Smart Stroke technology enables creative transformation of reality
* Customizable texture produces art with superior imagination and level of detail
* Smart composition tools allow you to organize your visual canvas for creating the perfect work of art.

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Adding Your Signature On Your Digital Art

1. Make a new file at about 8″ x 8″ at 300ppi

2. You can probably chose any brush category but for your first signature brush I recommend the “Oils” category and then choose the “Flat Oils 40″ as your variant.

3.To the right of the variants click the little arrow and choose “Save Variant” and then give a name to your new brush. Why not name it My Signature.

4. Now click on the brush variant and scroll down to the bottom and you should see your new brush. Click on your new brush to select it.

5.Set your color to black and opacity to 100%. Now write your signature on the canvas. Keep writing your signature til you get it looking good.

6. Now choose the “Rectangle Selection” tool and then click and drag a square around your signature.

7. Go back to the little arrow to the left of the brush variant and click on it and then choose “Capture Dab” and you have now made your signature into a brush shape.

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Corel Painter and Pricing of digital art

Before you begin though, do a couple of pieces; see how long it takes to create something you can sell. Do one as a 16x20 and another as a 32x40. Your speed and quality will give you a hint of where you fit. Don't make the mistake of pricing it to low. This is not the arena to be giving your hard earned talent away.

A thing to remember is that wherever you start, it is just that, a start. You should have regular price increases to keep moving yourself up the scale. This approach will also insure you keep up with the learning of new and better techniques, both because you can afford to and because you'll need to.

There are a few overall things I noticed, all the artists had a minimum size, which most often was 16x20. Next, the base seemed never lower than an additional $1,000 on top of the price for your best product. The last thing was it is not cut and dried. The pricing reflects the complexity of the art piece, both in the medium, (which was typically oil or water color) and in the subject matter (number of people, detail rendered in background.)

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Guide on Wacom Pen Tablet with Corel Painter

Have you done much with corel painter lately? I hope so, because I havent. I felt to update this blog today, so I wanted to share this great video I saw today. This is just what you want to learn if you just bought a Wacom pen tablet. I hope you learn something good from this. Have a good weekend all. =)

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Speed Painting in Corel Painter

I watched this video today, about this guy speed painting eyes. A very talented person indeed. I wish I was that good with painting eyes, its not what Im best at, and I need more practice in that area.

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Photoshop and Corel Painter, Advantages to these software’s

Let’s first look at Photoshop and the CS package and what it has to offer on advantages.

The CS Advantage..

The new Adobe Creative Suite combines Adobe's graphics applications and an efficient workflow that answers the needs of nearly every creative professional, from conceptualization to implementation, from print to Web. Whats great about this pack of programs is that not only do designers get one program at a time; rather, a whole suite of the latest versions of Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, and GoLive software.

The Creative Suite is Adobe's attempt to bind the applications together. Now, Adobe's creative products use not only the same graphics engine but also the same type and color-management engines. Files that are created in one application can open easily in others with all their features intact. With a consistent user interface, moving from one application to another is easy.

And holding it all together is the new file-management and version-tracking technology Version Cue. The Version Cue lets you create and publish content for print and the Web faster, more easily, and more affordably. That's why Adobe is introducing this one whole package as "the complete design environment for print and Web publishing".

Adobe Photoshop for image editing- easily manage your images with the improved File Browser, quickly share design variations with Layer Comps, and instantly improve contrast with Shadow/Highlight correction; perform more precise editing and retouching with expanded support for 16-bit images and monitor changes to your image in the Histogram palette, which dynamically updates as you make adjustments.

Adobe Illustrator for drawing and vector graphics- with powerful new 3D features, advanced typographical controls, and a host of groundbreaking new design tools, this powerful upgrade from Illustrator 10 delivers the performance you need to make the most of your creativity; import Photoshop image compositions directly to Illustrator- or create drawings in Illustrator and import them directly into Photoshop; create native Adobe Portable Document Format files using settings and options consistent with Adobe Acrobat Distiller software and get fast, consistent print results with features like Fit to Page, Print Preview, and support for Print Settings.

Adobe InDesign for page layout and design, and Adobe GoLive for Web layout- import your native vector and bitmap artwork directly into InDesign CS software for sophisticated print layouts or into Adobe GoLive CS software for powerful web pages. With the support of Adobe PDF and XML, you can easily output your pages to both print and the Web.

The Corel Advantage…

With the introduction of Corel Painter IX, commercial designers, photographers, and professional artists are able to use their natural talents and techniques to create breathtaking works of art. Corel ensures that the new program is a must-have software for creative professionals, whether they're in film making, game development, commercial design, illustration, photography, or even fine arts.

With regards to performance and productivity, the Corel Painter IX boasts of significantly improved speed, new and enhanced Brush Control Palettes, Frames-per-Second Control, and Customizable Shortcut Keys. Professional users can extend their creative possibilities with new enhancements that include Artists' Oils Painting System, Snap-to-Path Painting, improved Digital Watercolor, and Quick Clone.

What is exciting about this new software is that the Corel Painter IX is more compatible with other professional technologies, providing enhanced support to Adobe Photoshop, Wacom (including the Wacom Intuos3), and Color Management.

What's more, getting started is easier than ever. Corel has provided various support guides to help end-users control their fear of tackling a seemingly intricate world of softwares and programs. Corel has provided a revitalized User Guide, the Painter IX Handbook that includes tutorials from leading creative professionals, access to free training videos, and academic courseware specifically designed for educators.

With powerful applications such as the Adobe CS and Corel, artists and designers alike can now combine both worlds of traditional art and sophisticated technology. The intricate tones of traditional art skills and techniques they've developed during their formation years as artists can be integrated with the incredible benefits that digital media can provide. Every creation can now be worthy of the exaltations and awe reserved for those found in galleries and exhibits. In addition, these art forms are now made at a faster and quicker rate than their original counterparts.



Top 5 Imaging Programs You Will Like

Imaging programs are basically tools for graphic designers, and in this article I will list 5 top Imaging programs I like and why. Whats great of these types of software’s is that even the non-professional people can make use of imaging programs to create the simplest designs for their projects.

Everyone who is into computer design for fun or for a living can appreciate how imaging programs can help make their tasks easier. With imaging programs, one can easily edit photos; create graphics, computer-aided designs and similar projects.

Image editors are among the most popular and commonly used imaging programs which help designers create images virtually from scratch. It offers various painting tools which are very much like the basic painting tools, albeit computer-based. This allows you to enhance photos and retouch them as well. Using this application will classify your saved photo or scanned image as a bitmap. Bitmap images are very convenient for retouching because you can get a lot of detail. However, you may have a problem with the image's pixel resolution.

Now for the list of 5 top imaging programs you can tinker with if you are like graphic design and computer-aided graphic projects like myself.

1. Corel Painter
This imaging program is now available both in Windows and Macintosh. Designers can make use of the program to create images that are natural-looking with its freehand feature. The user can also choose from several effects like oil paints and watercolor and print the output in canvas or paper.

2. Corel Paint Shop Pro Photo

This is an imaging program for bitmap graphics editing and vector graphics editing. Rights to the program were originally owned by Jasc Software of Minneapolis. The rights to distribute the program now belong to Corel Corporation after it purchased Jasc Software in 2004. The program, which is more popularly known as Paint Shop and as Adobe Photoshop's competitor, can be downloaded as shareware. Adobe Photoshop is more popular than this imaging program because the former has versions for Microsoft and Apple Macintosh.

3. Adobe Photoshop

This imaging program was developed by Adobe Systems and is considered a market favorite in terms of graphics editing, image manipulation and bitmap images. The newest version of Adobe is Photoshop CS3 Extended which was released only this year. This is the third version since Adobe renamed the Photoshop products. It boasts of new tools, non-destructive filters, 3D and scientific imaging.

4. Corel Photo-Paint

This imaging program is bundled with the Corel Draw Graphics Suite. It can create graphics and manipulate images. It also allows users to remove redeye in photos. The program can be downloaded from the website of Corel as a freeware.

5. Microsoft Paint

This imaging program used to be known as Paintbrush for Windows and can be found bundled with Microsoft Windows. Users can experiment with color mixtures as the program allows simultaneous picking up of three colors. There are a lot of functions which the user can practice to improve his craft.

Imaging programs are not that expensive (some are even available for free) especially if you think of the benefits one can get from the special effects that these programs offer. However, the choice of which imaging program is best for you depends on your requirements and projects.