Corel Painter and Pricing of digital art

Before you begin though, do a couple of pieces; see how long it takes to create something you can sell. Do one as a 16x20 and another as a 32x40. Your speed and quality will give you a hint of where you fit. Don't make the mistake of pricing it to low. This is not the arena to be giving your hard earned talent away.

A thing to remember is that wherever you start, it is just that, a start. You should have regular price increases to keep moving yourself up the scale. This approach will also insure you keep up with the learning of new and better techniques, both because you can afford to and because you'll need to.

There are a few overall things I noticed, all the artists had a minimum size, which most often was 16x20. Next, the base seemed never lower than an additional $1,000 on top of the price for your best product. The last thing was it is not cut and dried. The pricing reflects the complexity of the art piece, both in the medium, (which was typically oil or water color) and in the subject matter (number of people, detail rendered in background.)

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