Free download of a superb set of Brushes to Corel Painter IX or older versions

One of the first things you should do if you havent done so already, is to find out what types of brushes you like. This is important, because there are so many brushes to choose from, and they will give you lots of different results. And before you can go ahead and create high quality art, you need to master a set of brushes. I really RECOMMEND that you do the following: Go to this site, scroll down to "Corel Painter-related goodies" and : find ROBS BRUSHES hereYou will seriously thank me if you havent downloaded these brushes before, they are in my opinion EXCELLENT ;)

I recently found another site that offer you some sets of brushes, that I havent tried out yet. I will download them instantly and try them out, you should do the same buddy ;). Then go here, drag your mouse over the smal menu-bar , and then the picture that comes up, and press download ;) I will go and do the same now, damn im excited, new brushes to investigate ;)

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Hush said...

Thank you I wanted to find Rob's brushes :D