corel painter download - you wont be disappointed & corel painter gallery

Many people ask me why I use corel painter rather than Photoshop. I'm sure many other painter users gets asked this as well. I always answer short and simple to those people if they have tried corel painter, and sadly the answer is usually "no". Then i follow up with giving them a link to download it and try it out for themselves. I have always wondered why photoshop has become such a popular program, when corel painter exists. In my opinion photoshop should be used for photo editing, and not for painting, as it cant simulate real life brushes as well. The new version of corel painter is really a brilliant piece of software people, and is strongly recommended. Also I recommend going to the corel painter gallery, to get inspired by the possibilities that are within corel painter.

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Novice Writer said...

i have never tried corel painter..oh but dont think that i am an artist..i am just interested in all these stuff..nice blog:-)