A neat little trick

Hello all. Have you ever used Corel Painter or (Corel Painter evil and less good competitor
called "Photoshop") and wondered if you could change the shape of the pencil/brush tip.
Now here is the answer to do just that! Look at this image, it is very self
explained. But I can add that after you have done this, you should save up your new
costum made brush. So you can get it later on, if you want to use it again!
And also after you have pressed capture dab up in the right corner, you must
remove the marquee selection, or else you can only draw inside this selection. And that
is no good, since it is so very small ;)
Have fun doing this, I thought is was a cool little trick anyway, that maybe not all are
aware of. Can photoshop do this I ask? If you who read this knows, give me a comment on that

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Skywakko said...

I think Photoshop can do that, you just do the same, make a stroke, use the marquee tool, then go to edit>define brush preset. That's it, I think. Thanks for all the tips!